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After several years of development, the Beta version of the BSD Professional (BSDP) Lab exam will debut at BSDCan 2014, in Ottawa, Ontario, CA on May 18 (Sunday), from 10am – 2pm.  If you have not yet made your BSDCan 2014 travel plans, now is a good time to take a look at the BSD Professional Certification details and consider whether you want to participate.  Additional information on the exam can be found on the BSD Certification Group website (

The BSDP Lab exam is geared toward the seasoned BSD administrator with at least three years experience.  The exam tests hands-on skills across a variety of topics, described in the BSDP Exam Objectives document.

The Aqemu virtual machine manager is used to provide access to any of the four BSD versions on the exam – DragonFly BSD 3.6.1, FreeBSD 9.2, NetBSD 6.1.2, and OpenBSD 5.4.   A 1/2 hour introduction to the workstation (HP 8540p with US ASCII keyboard), Aqemu, and using virtual machines will precede the exam.

Have a look at the requirements and register at the BSDCG registration site if you want to take the Beta exam.