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Welcome to the new freebsdrocks.net website. I have been working on this new site since early January and I am pleased to announce it has now been released to the public as of September 1st, 2017. There are many improvements to articles including a brand new updated qmail guide. Your bookmarks may need to be updated. You can user the search function on the site to look for articles. If you have any questions, problems or broken links/files please email them to vinnie / AT / freebsdrocks / DOT / net.
freebsdrocks.net offers the latest qmail documentation that supports the following:

Secure sending on SSL or TLS
Secure mail checking on POP3SSL
Secure Webmail on https that supports phones and tablets
Free SSL Certs using certbot
Automatic Spam Filtering

The guide installs qmail (the mailserver) along with a mailing list manager, virus and spam scanning, vacation messages, administrator tools and much more.

You basically have two options for installing FreeBSD; You can install it on a regular PC or you can install FreeBSD as a virtual machine within ESXi.

Option 1a: Installing FreeBSD on a regular PC

Option 1b: How to install a FreeBSD VM on ESXi 6

Step 2: Updating and maintaining ports and sources

Step 3: Installing and using screen

Step 4: Tracking -STABLE on FreeBSD

Step 5: Installing Certbot (For free SSL Certs)

Step 6: Installing Apache

Step 7: Installing Mysql

Step 8: Installing phpMyAdmin

Step 9: If you would like to create a queing service you can setup qmail with a very basic setup

Step 10:
Setup qmail

I want to thank you for your continued support. You can email me with any questions, errors or comments to vinnie AT freebsdrocks DOT net.

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