The only requirement to install Vmware Tools on FreeBSD is to have the compat6x-amd port installed. Please run the commands below:

# cd /usr/ports/misc/compat6x
# make install clean

What you will need to do next is login to vSphere, click the FreeBSD VM and right click it and choose Install/Upgrade Vmware Tools (see screenshot below). It will then popup a screen to install Vmware tools. Just click ok. You can now exit vSphere.

Now lets create the /crom directory and then mount the cdrom drive first.

# mkdir /cdrom
# mount -t cd9660 /dev/cd0 /cdrom

Now lets make a directory, unzip the tarball and then unmount the drive.

# mkdir ~root/vmware
# cd ~root/vmware
# tar zxvf /cdrom/vmware-freebsd-tools.tar.gz
# umount /cdrom

Now lets install vmware tools.

# cd vmware-tools-distrib
# ./

Basically all you need to do from here is just hit enter on all the prompts. It will install the startup script in /usr/local/etc/rc.d and it will also install the documentation to /usr/local/share/doc/vmware-tools.

Congrats! You now have Vmware Tools installed on FreeBSD!