Most reasons why you don't see images in qmailadmin is because the images are generally not where they are supposed to be. The easy fix for this is to look at /var/log/apache-error.log and see exactly where Apache is looking for those images.
Then copy ~root/qmail/qmailadmin-1.2.16/images (copy the entire images folder) to the place where Apache is looking for those images.

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Comment #1 (Posted by DanThis )

For me, this problem occurred because I followed the QMR installation to the letter.
In step 13 (Installing Squirrelmail), the instructions say to edit httpd.conf to define a VirtualHost with your IP address, and to make the DocumentRoot inside your webmail directory. This causes any request to your system to default to that VirtualHost, and that DocumentRoot. Instead, define your VirtualHost with your FQDN, and that should resolve the issue, since the /images folder for qmailadmin will resolve correctly when you visit the qmailadmin page.